Premium Fitness Content

Give your members the tools to stay motivated and engaged at the gym with our premium, white-label fitness content.


From beginner gym courses to foundational strength programs, our library of interactive video series helps guide your members thorughout their first 90 days.

You'll find the following categories:

Beginner Journey


The "Beginner Series" is your all-in-one fitness program curated specifically for newcomers. Offering a holistic guide to the fundamentals of fitness, this program builds your strength, endurance, and flexibility step-by-step. By the end of your journey, you'll not only have a strong fitness foundation—you'll be ready to conquer more challenging workouts with confidence.

Booty Program


In the upcoming nine classes, we'll work together to strengthen your legs, core, and especially your glutes. All you'll need are some light dumbbells, a booty band, and a mat. As we progress, we'll incorporate the dumbbells and booty bands for added challenge. Each class will become progressively more demanding, but I'll provide options to suit your comfort level. Whether you follow the options or stick with me, the goal is for you to feel strong, positive, and beautiful after these nine classes. Let's get started!

Yoga Ignite


The "Yoga for Beginners" program is a comprehensive guide to the basics of yoga, including poses, breathing techniques, and sequences. This program promotes a harmonious balance of physical strength, flexibility, and mental tranquility. It's the perfect stepping stone for your yoga journey.